Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Duncan Turner Acoustic Research (DTAR) - Wave-Length Under-Saddle Pickup and Mama Bear Acoustic Guitar Preamp

Wave-Length Under-Saddle pickup

Combines a thin, piezo under-saddle transducer with an 18v, low-noise, high input impedance preamp, to create a system with twice the dynamic range of typical 9v systems. The 18v preamp is powered by two “AA” batteries. With 18 volts, your signal has more headroom, so hard strumming won’t distort as easily. The preamp has an input for a second source, like a magnetic pickup or a soundboard transducer.
Two adjustable trim pots, one low frequency shelving and one high frequency shelving, allow you to fine tune and “set and forget” the bass and treble frequencies to optimize the Wave-Length for your instrument’s size and shape; enabling you transparently amplify the natural timbre of your acoustic guitar with minimal coloration. Includes 1/4 ” jack (jack 6,35) and detailed installation instructions.

Unitary full length pickup Accommodates virtually all 6-string spacings and gets a more even response from the guitar’s top.

Thin cable design Easy to install in guitars with either 1/8” or 3/32” saddles, often with no modification to the saddle slot.

High Headroom Allows for twice the dynamic range of a 9-volt system. This means you can strum extra hard without piezo “quackiness.”

Uses two “AA” batteries “AA” batteries weigh less and result in lower user cost than 9-volts.

Dual Source Capability Allows the user to combine the Wave-Length with a magnetic pickup or soundboard transducer for greater complexity of signal.

Adjustable Bass and Treble Trim Controls Simulates the air resonance of a variety of acoustic guitar bodies for natural sound.


For years, acoustic guitars have relied on pickups for amplification. One problem: using pickups, even the best acoustic guitars deliver an over-simplification of true acoustic tone complexity when amplified. D-TAR has solved that problem with a revolutionary new product called Mama Bear™. Using proprietary technology called Acoustic Guitar Emulation (AGE™), Mama Bear takes the guitar signal into the digital realm through its 32-bit digital signal processor. Then it restores the natural body resonance and provides the player with a broad range of sonic enhancements that make the guitar's tone its absolute best: whether amplified or recorded.

Using a very simple interface - no menus or scrolling - Mama Bear allows the player to use two 16-position knobs to determine their Input Source and Target Instrument. The Input Source is a "set and forget" digital filter selector that tells Mama Bear what kind of pickup it's sensing; for example, piezo film, piezo ceramic, magnetic, solid body electric with piezo bridge, etc. It is designed to work with all acoustic guitars outfitted with magnetic pickups, under-saddle transducers, and even electric guitars with piezo bridge saddles.

Mama Bear's AGE technology is activated with the Target Instrument knob. Here, the player tells Mama Bear what kind acoustic guitar they want to emulate. There are 16 "sonic signatures" that range from a parlor to orchestra models to dreadnoughts to jumbos. In choosing the guitars to represent in Mama Bear, D-TAR was fortunate to have the help of some very talented luthiers, guitar collectors, and recording engineers, including D-TAR co-founder Rick Turner who conceived of Mama Bear. According to Turner, "Our aim was to record a broad spectrum of world class vintage and newer instruments covering a range of body sizes and different wood combinations as well as including some specialty instruments such as a jazz box, a couple of resonator guitars, and even a gypsy jazz model. There's over $250,000 worth of guitars inside Mama Bear!"

The player can experiment with the various emulations to get amazing versatility out of their pickup-equipped acoustic guitar. Or, they can choose the sonic signature that most closely matches their own instrument. The result: now the finest acoustic guitars can sound like, well... themselves. Only louder.

D-TAR is duncan | turner acoustic research, and marks the union of Seymour Duncan Pickups with noted luthier and acoustic amplification expert, Rick Turner. In addition to Mama Bear, D-TAR's product slate includes a full line of pickups and off-board electronics for acoustic musicians. The entire range of D-TAR products can be viewed on their website: www.d-tar.com.

Mama Bear Technical Specifications

- Width 8.5" / 216mm
- Depth 6.25" / 159mm
- Height 2.72" / 69mm
- Unit Weight 2.7 lbs. / 1.2 kg
- Shipping Weight 4.5 lbs. / 2.1 kg

Analog Characteristics
- Nominal Input Level -10dBu
- Input Impedance 4.4M Ohm
- Gain, input to output 15.5dB, bypassed
- Maximum signal level before input stage clipping 2.0Vrms
- Nominal Output Level *
Single ended 0dBu
XLR Balanced -20dBu
- Maximum Output Level before clipping **
Single ended
7.2Vrms, bypassed;
3.5Vrms through processor
Balanced XLR
1 Vrms, bypassed;
0.5Vrms through processor
Noise, 20 Hz to 20 KHz, bypass mode, referenced to input:
109 dBv, input shorted
97.5 dBv, input open

Digital Characteristics
- Microprocessor 32 bit, 100MHz, floating point, 600 MFLOPS
Sample Rate: 44.1 KHz
Latency: 3ms
A/D Conversion 24 bit 64x oversampling
S/(N+D): 94dB
Dynamic Range, S/N: 108 dB

- D/A Conversion 24 bit 128x oversampling 24 bit 8 times digital filter
Ripple: +/-0.005dB,
Attenuation: 75dB
S/(N+D): 94dB Differential outputs
Dynamic Range: 110dB, A weighted

Power Supply External wall mounted transformer 16 VAC/560mA
Current Draw: 200mA @ power jack

* Nominal levels measured using pink noise generator set to 250mV rms. Input level control set to produce flickering of overload indicator; output level control set to maximum.

**Maximum output levels in bypass mode measured using 1KHz sine wave. Maximum output levels through processor measured using sine waves of various frequencies from 800Hz to 1.2KHz.

Eden - WTX-260 Sub-Compact Bass Amplifier

WTX-260 Sub-Compact Bass Amplifier

Chicago, Illinois, July 12, 2006 – Eden Electronics, the leader in bass amplification, will debut its new sub-compact amplifier, the WTX-260, at the Summer 2006 NAMM show in Austin, Texas. This small, lightweight (only 3.8 lbs!) unit includes all the features users have come to expect from Eden amplifiers, and also includes groundbreaking technology to make life easier on touring musicians.

The WTX-260 is the perfect amplifier for players who need a full-featured amp that will fit in the pocket of the average gig bag. “We designed the WTX-260 for the traveling musician, especially those who travel internationally” said David Nordschow, Eden’s founder and Chief Engineer. “You can slip this amp into the pocket of most gig bags, and you can use it anywhere in the world with no modifications. Just attach the appropriate power cord and play away. The amplifier automatically senses and adjusts itself to local voltage.”

The pre-amplifier section of the WTX-260 is based on the Golden Ear chip for amazing warmth and musicality. This is the same chip used in ultra-high-end recording consoles and is more expensive – and more musical – than the chips used by other manufacturers. Powered by a unique Analog Switching Amplifier that delivers 260W to 300W RMS (@ 4Ω w/ +3dB headroom), depending on local voltage conditions, the WTX-260 has an impressive list of features, including:

Eden’s proprietary Enhance control
3-band EQ with Dynamic Bass Boost and Mid-shift functions
Switchable automatic compression
Studio-quality DI with level, ground lift and Pre/Post-EQ select
-12dB Input Pad
FX loop
Stereo Aux Inputs
Tuner and Headphone outputs
Two 1/4" and one NL-4 (Speakon) Speaker outputs
Optional Footswitch for Mute and Enhance Bypass functions
Optional Rack-mount hardware
Made in USA

All this in a package that’s no bigger than a few CDs and weighs in at an incredible 3.8 lbs.!

Retail price in the US for the WTX-260 will be $899.90. Eden expects to begin shipping units to dealers by September.

First Act - Sheena, Delia, and Lola Electric Guitars

Sheena, Delia, and Lola Electric Guitars

Hailed as "the cream of the crop" by Guitar World, First Act's handmade Limited Edition guitars have been an unqualified success, with Guitar Player raving about their "stylistic innovation, unique appearance, practical utility, and surprising affordability." With the introduction of the SFA series, the line grows to nine distinct models (three for each body style) at a full range of price points -- the first ever comprehensive beginner-to-professional line for the company.

Each American made Limited Edition guitar (Lola, Delia, and Sheila) will be joined by two additional production models, closely resembling their elder counterparts. The Limited Edition Lola (MSRP $1,500) wll be joined by the CE120 ($385.00) and CE140 ($719.00), the Delia ($2,200) by the CE220 ($530.00) and CE240 ($860.00), and Sheena ($1,800) by the CE530 ($385.00) and CE540 ($730.00).

First Act - V-Stack Guitar Amp

V-Stack Guitar Amp

V-Stack is a boutique effects pedal company known for precise replication of vintage amplifier sounds based on an innovative all-analog approach with tone that "rivaled any other simulator—hardware or software— that I have ever used," according to Guitar One reviewer Michael Ross.

Each amplifier model in the line -- which includes the entry level VA850 (MSRP $435.00), VA851 ($500.00), and VA852 ($579.00) and high end VA881 ($865.00) and VA882 ($1010.00) -- features distinct channels powered by V-stack's proprietary modeling technology. Each channel has discrete gain and volume, and all route via a master tone section modeled on the vintage rarities that command six-figure price tags.

Fishman - Loudbox Pro

Loudbox Pro Acoustic Amp

The Loudbox Pro Acoustic Amp features a staggeringly powerful 600W triamp design that delivers exceptional tone, clarity, and power at high volume levels. The 12" woofer is driven by a dedicated 380W amp that delivers the output to send your guitar's deepest frequencies into the furthest reaches of the biggest venues. A 160W amp energizes the 6" midrange driver while a 60W amp powers 3 1" neodymium tweeters. Altogether these dedicated amps and drivers reproduce your instrument's entire range with great fidelity and enormous power.

The EQ section includes shelving bass and treble controls as well as resonant-style midrange and brilliance controls for pinpoint tone tweaking. Anti-feedback circuitry (notch and phase) keeps acoustic feedback under control.

Other pro features include a spring reverb, mute switch, dual effects loop, and an XLR output. A convenient 3-position kickstand lets you tilt the amplifier back at 40, 50, 60, or 70 degrees.I

Fishman Loudbox Pro 600W Tri-Amped Dual Channel Acoustic Amp Features:

600W triamped power
Exceptional tone, clarity, and power at high volumes
Ultrahigh impedance input
3-band EQ
Brilliance control
Anti-feedback circuitry (notch and phase)
Spring reverb
Mute switch
Dual ffects loop
XLR output
3-position kickstand for use as a floor monitor
12" woofer delivers maximum low end with clarity and definition
6" polypropylene midrange driver
3 soft-dome neodymium tweeters ensure detailed and musical treble
Each component housed in sealed sub-enclosure
Fishman Loudbox Pro 600W Tri-Amped Dual Channel Acoustic Amp Specifications:

25"W x 19-1/4"H x 11-3/4"D. 77 lbs.

Focusrite - Liquid Mix

Liquid Mix

Each of Liquid Mix’s 32 channels provides EQ and Compressor emulations selected from a huge pool of high-quality vintage and modern day classics. 20 EQs and 40 Compressors are available straight out of the box, with an expanding library online. Furthermore, a totally unique hybrid 7-band ‘super EQ’ can be built out of separate classic EQ sections in every one of the 32 channels. Each channel appears as a separate VST/AU/RTAS effect within the sequencer and will work within all major applications, including Pro Tools.

Liquid Mix uses the same patented Dynamic Convolution process as Focusrite’s Liquid Channel. Unlike standard convolution techniques, Dynamic Convolution utilizes vast processing power to sample the effect of a classic processor on a series of audio pulses, at many different gain settings and all frequencies. In Liquid Mix, all this processing is done using onboard DSP, so the processing has almost no effect on your computer’s own CPU.

• One of a kind – any Compressor and EQ in history
Every Liquid Mix channel uses dynamic convolution to provide 20 EQs and 40 compressors, with a free expanding library online.

• Onboard DSP
32 Channels of Liquid Mix Compression and 32 EQs run off Liquid Mix’s own DSP – many more than are possible with CPU alone.

• Software and Hardware control
EQ and Compression can be applied via a hands-on control surface, or within your DAW application via a simple GUI.

• Hybrid Super EQ creation
Unique 7-band super EQs can be created, constructed from separate classic EQ sections of your choosing

• Desktop Metering
Large format LED bar-graphs mean ergonomic display of levels and processor impact.

• Optional Expansion Card
An optional DSP expansion card is available to increase the maximum channel count at higher sample rates.

Gator Cases - Pedal Tote Pro

Pedal Tote Pro

Gator has released a new addition to its Pedal Tote Series. The Pedal Tote Pro is a larger version of the regular Gator Pedal Tote and is available with or without power. The pedal board section of the case comes with a carry handle on the back which slides into a black 600-Denier nylon padded carrying case for easy transportation. The pedal board is 16” x 30” and the actual Pedal Tote Pro measures 17.5” x 31.5” x 6”. The pedal board has two sets of four holes for mounting two G-BUS-8 Gator Power Supplies, the GPT-PRO PWR powered version comes with one G-BUS-8 Gator Power Supply. The face of the pedal board is covered in Velcro© for attaching the pedals, attachment Velcro© is included. The case also features an adjustable padded shoulder strap and two external pockets for all your accessories.

Ibanez - 30th Anniversary 2670 Double-Neck 6-string/12-string Guitar

30th Anniversary 2670 Double-Neck

Ibanez is bringing out an extremely limited edition recreation from the '70s, the era referred to by vintage Ibanez collectors as the "Golden Age of Ibanez." The 2670RE "Artwood Twin" is a double-necked electric guitar, featuring a 6-string and a 12-string and a list price of just under $10,000.

"It's an historic instrument and its reissue will also be historic: the 2670 will be the most expensive Ibanez guitar in our history," said Paul Specht of Ibanez. "But considering the level of handcraftsmanship, and the fact that there will only be 45 worldwide, that price is really quite reasonable. Especially when you also consider that some historical and custom shop models of other companies go for $20,000—and that's just their dealer net."

Continued Specht, "The Artwood Twin double neck is what many people from the ibanezcollectors.com website—which as a matter of fact uses the 2670 as a part of their logo— told us they wanted to see next after last year's very successful Bob Weir limited edition model."

Like the 2005 Bob Weir Model Handcrafted Reissue, the 2006 Artwood Twin is made in a small Japanese shop staffed by luthiers that made the original Ibanez models. Unlike the Bob Weir model, which had to be recreated without the original blueprints since those had been lost, the 2670 was recreated using all of the original blueprints and specifications. Only one specification has been changed: the original Super 70 pickups have been replaced with Super 58 pickups which feature a sandblasted old-style Ibanez "spaghetti" logo.

Each model of the Ibanez Artwood Twin will be numbered 1 of 45, 2 of 45, etc.

Background information:
There were two slightly different versions of the Ibanez Professional Series 2670 Artwood Twin: one from 1975 thru 1977 and one from about 1978 thru 1980.

The first featured the old Ibanez "spaghetti" logo on the headstock, another spaghetti logo on the pickup covers, and metal tuning machine key grips.

The second version featured the contemporary Ibanez "block" logo on the headstock, the Ibanez Flying Finger design (a hand with butterfly wings with extended forefinger) on the pickup covers and ornate pearloid keys.

The 2006 reissue is based on the first version.

Model: 2470RE
List: $9333.32
Available Finish: NT Natural
Body Material: Ash with 2pc Carved Solid Ash Top
Neck Material (6 & 12): 3pc Maple
Neck Scale/Type (6 & 12): 24-3/4"
No. Frets/Type (6 & 12): 22/Medium
Fingerboards: Ebony
Inlay: Pearl Vintage Vine
Bridges/Tailpieces: Gotoh GE1038-T/W1500
H/W Color: Gold
Neck Pickup: Super 58 w/Ibanez Logo
Bridge Pickup: Super 58 w/Ibanez Logo
Case: Aluminum Flight
Case Included

Ibanez - Giger Guitar

Giger Guitar

Ibanez Debuts Second-Generation Giger Signature Instruments

July 19, 2006

Three new Ibanez instruments debuted at the Austin NAMM musical instrument convention bearing graphics by the visionary artist, H. R. Giger. The eerie trio includes an Ibanez RG electric guitar, a Soundgear Xtreme bass, and the long-awaited SHRG1Z, an Ibanez S with a metal-coated body engraved with Giger's "Biomechanical Matrix."

The RGTHRG2 RG electric guitar is the second Giger signature RG. It features a neck-thru body design, mahogany body, Ibanez Infinity pickups and the Edge Pro II double locking tremolo. The list price is $933.32.

The SRXHRG1Z Soungear Xtreme, which is the first Giger signature bass, is equipped with very high output Ibanez PFR passive pickups and the Accu-Cast B200 bridge, on a basswood body.

The SHRG1Z S model features a metal-coated Ibanez S body engraved with Giger's Biomechanical Matrix, USA-made DiMarzio/IBZ pickups, a 5pc Wizard II Maple/Bubinga neck, and the Ibanez Zero Resistance double-locking tremolo. An Ibanez-exclusive case is included. The list price was not available at show time.

World-renowned visionary artist H.R. Giger created the creature for the Alien movies, and is especially renowned in the musical instrument world for his album cover designs, one of the most famous being the now-classic design for Emerson, Lake and Palmer's Brain Salad Surgery.

List: TBA
Available Finish: Engraved "Biomechanical Matrix" Graphic
Body Material: Metal-coated Mahogany
Neck Material: Mahogany & Bubinga
Neck Scale/Type 25-1/2" / Wizard II
No. Frets/Type: 22/Jumbo
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Inlay: Special Giger
Bridge: ZR Zero Resistance
H/W Color: Special Antique
Neck Pickup: DiMarzio/IBZ
Bridge Pickup: DiMarzio/IBZ
Controls: 1V/1T & 5-way Switch
Case: Included Giger Signature Exclusive

Model: RGTHRG2
List: $933.32
Available Finish: Giger Graphic
Body Material: Mahogany
Neck Material: 5pc Maple/Walnut
Neck Scale/Type: 25-1/2" / Wizard II
No. Frets/Type: 24/Jumbo
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Inlay: Sharktooth
Bridge: Edge Pro II
H/W Color: Powder Cosmo
Neck Pickup: Infinity INF1
Bridge Pickup: Infinity INF2
Controls: 1 v/1t & 5-way Switch
Case: RGHRG100C
Case List: $149.99

Model: SRXHG1
List: $1,066.65
Available Finish: Giger Graphic
Body Material: Basswood
Neck Material: 3pc Maple
Neck Type: SRX4 Neck Thru
No. Frets/Type: 24/Medium
Fingerboard: Rosewood with parallelogram inlay
Bridge: Accu-Cast B200
H/W Color: Powder Cosmo
Neck Pickup: PFR-4N
Bridge Pickup: PFR-4B
Case: SRHRG100C
List: $169.99

Line6 - Floor POD

An all-in-one tone solution, Floor POD is a multi-effect floor processor with a built-in foot controller that delivers premium tone and features in a portable, easy to use package. The price of Floor POD makes it easily affordable for any beginning guitarist who wants real-world pro sounds.

Floor POD can be used as a simple multi-effect pedal for any guitar amp, a complete direct to PA and recording tone solution, or the ultimate headphone practice partner at home. "For the beginning guitarist, having the sounds of their favorite artists has traditionally presented a huge financial barrier," explained Tom Edwards, Product Manager, Line 6. "Now with our low-cost Floor POD, truly inspiring sounds are within reach of any aspiring guitarist." Inside the modern black exterior of Floor POD live 12 of the most desired amp and cab models from the critically acclaimed POD® 2.0, including the popular Insane model.

Line 6’s revolutionary Smart Control FX (7 types, 2 simultaneous) include Phaser, Chorus, Flanger, Tremolo, Delay, and Reverb – all effects can be easily tweaked and delay times can be adjusted using tap tempo. When it’s time to solo, users can instantly turn up and unleash using the built-in Volume/Wah pedal. Floor POD also features 64 custom-made presets, 3 preset/channel footswitches, on board tuner, CD/MP3 input jack for jamming, stereo 1/4-inch outs, chrome knobs, and a heavy duty chrome handlebar for the guitarist on the go. “From jamming at home, plugged in front of an amp, to practically anything with power and speakers, Floor POD easily delivers massive, jaw-dropping tone,” said Edwards.

Will be available Fall ’06.

Line6 - TonePort KB37

Record everything from guitar and bass, to vocals and now keyboard parts easily with world-class studio results!

TonePort™ KB37 is the latest addition to the award-winning TonePort™ family of USB recording and modeling interfaces. With world-class Line 6 guitar, bass, and vocal tone with an integrated keyboard controller, you’ll be ready when that hit song comes calling!

Everything from TonePort™ UX2:
18 guitar and 5 bass amp/cab models
30 stompbox and studio effects
6 high-end studio microphone preamp models
2 Mic Inputs with +48v Phantom Power
Guitar/Bass Input w/ Pad Switch
Stereo Line Inputs
S/PDIF Digital Output
Line Outputs via balanced 1/4-inch
Monitor Input via stereo 1/4-inch jack
Headphone Output w/ dedicated volume knob
Assignable VU Meters
Tone Direct™ monitoring
44.1/48KHz, 16/24-bit recording - 96KHz mode
Mac® and PC compatible

Coming in Fall 2006!

37-Note full-sized keyboard with Pitch/Mod wheels for MIDI control
Transport & Control buttons/knobs assignable to GearBox and MIDI/recording software
Expression pedal input to control GearBox™ wah/volume or MIDI
And the same dual footswitch jacks as UX2 for control of GearBox (effect on/off, tone select, tap tempo, etc.) or MIDI/recording software (sustain, start/stop, punch in/out, etc.)

Mackie - Onyx Satellite FireWire Recording System

Onyx Satellite represents a breakthrough for computer-based audio and music production. As the world's first two-piece FireWire recording system, Satellite consists of a portable recording Pod with premium Onyx mic preamps, and a desktop Base Station with additional inputs and outputs. You simply undock the Pod when you want to record on location—leaving the Base Station connected to all your desktop studio gear (microphones, instruments, headphones, studio monitors, etc.). Then, once you've returned to your studio, simply dock the Satellite Pod back into the Base Station with a reassuring “click.”

The Base Station provides additional I/O, monitor control and Talkback with a built-in mic. And the system comes with a full-featured copy of Tracktion 2 music production software with Mackie Mixing and Mastering tools, so you can go from initial idea to final CD. (Of course, with WDM, GSIF, ASIO and Core Audio drivers, Onyx Satellite can also be used with most major audio software on Mac or PC.)


When developing a FireWire audio/recording interface, it pays to know your stuff. So it's worth noting that Mackie started as a professional audio company, not a software or computer peripheral company. As such, we engineered Satellite with a focus on crucial components like mic preamps, superior analog circuitry, and A/D and D/A converters.

Instead of me-too, off-the-shelf mic preamps, Satellite offers our premium Onyx mic preamps—giving you dynamic range and noise specifications rivaling much more expensive standalone mic pres. (Click here to read some of the glowing reviews.) All the analog circuitry was designed by the veteran Mackie engineering team in Woodinville, WA with higher headroom and lower noise specs than anything in its class… by far. And we specified professional AKM-brand, phase-accurate 24-bit/96kHz Analog-to-Digital and Digital-to-Analog converters, to ensure that what comes in, is what goes out, and back in, and back out.


In addition to the aforementioned Onyx mic preamps, the robust aluminum-and-steel Satellite Pod features Neutrik™ Combo input connectors on Channels 1 and 2, which allow you to use either a 1/4" TRS connector or an XLR connector. A global 48V switch applies phantom power to both XLR input connectors, so you can power your studio condenser mics. Channels 1 and 2 also feature an Instrument Select switch, which lets you connect an acoustic, electric, or bass guitar directly to the 1/4" input, eliminating the need for an external direct box. The Pod also has a stereo Control Room output and two stereo Headphone jacks, each with separate level controls (the Control Room and Phones 1 outputs share a level control). And of course, there's a FireWire connector for jacking into your desktop or laptop. Because the Satellite Pod is bus-powered via FireWire, there's no need for a separate power supply.


When the Pod is docked to the Base Station, it gains additional features and expanded I/O capabilities. Namely, a separate XLR connector, two 1/4" TRS line-input connectors, and a 1/4" TS instrument connector for each channel, with Select switches for each input source. Plus Insert jacks for Channels 1 and 2, letting you send and return the signal to an external processor (like, say, a killer vintage outboard compressor/limiter you bought from some dude on eBay for like $100 bucks because he didn't know what it was).

The Base Station also gives you six channels of analog balanced line outputs, provided on 1/4" TRS connectors. Two of these can be used as stereo Control Room outputs, with an A/B Switch to route the signal to two separate pairs of monitors for comparison. For communicating with studio talent, the Base Station also serves up a built-in Talkback microphone, that can be routed to the Phones/Control Room output or to the DAW for slating.

And like the Satelitte Pod, the Base Station can be powered directly from the FireWire bus (when using a six-pin FireWire connector), or from the 12V DC power supply included in the box.
As mentioned, the Base Station's Control Room section allows you to select between one of two monitor outs for multiple monitor speaker setups. Additionally, you can switch monitoring between your DAW outputs and the connected inputs—so you can plug in to jam or listen to your iPod without having to boot your DAW software. Lastly, the Satellite/Base Station combo allows you to control the volume of six outputs for Surround sound with a single volume knob—a feature that would cost a bundle if you had to buy it separately. And its worth mentioning that all these things stay connected on your desktop, so you never have to repatch cables when you go to record on location.

The Satellite system comes with Mackie's popular Tracktion 2 Music Production Software. Tracktion 2's hallmark single-screen interface and intuitive workflow make it the perfect audio and MIDI production solution for both novice and seasoned DAW users alike. And T2's feature set is immense: unlimited track count, VST and ReWire support, a high-definition 64-bit mix engine, QuickTime video import, external synchronization, MIDI controller mapping, Mac and PC compatibility, and integrated Mackie Control Universal and C4 support, just to name a few. But more importantly, Tracktion 2 does it all in a way that never gets in the way of your creativity.


• Innovative two-piece FireWire Recording System for professional audio production on Mac or PC

• Portable Satellite Pod docks into Satellite Base Station, allowing users to record on location without disconnecting and reconnecting cables

• Dual Onyx mic preamps for superior clarity, detail and dynamic range versus competing interfaces

• Satellite Base Station features 8 inputs (2 active at any time) for connection of microphones, line sources, and instruments; plus 6-line level outputs

• Built-in Control Room functions include Talkback, with onboard mic, and A/B monitoring switching

• 6-channel volume control allows for Surround Sound mixing

• Satellite Pod can be bus powered for field use, or externally powered via included power supply

• Professional-grade AKM 24-bit/96kHz A/D and D/A converters

• FireWire protocol for low-latency real time recording

• Works with all WDM, GSF and ASIO on the PC and Core Audio compatible software on the Mac

• Bundled with Tracktion 2 software for complete recording solution

• Indestructo Mackie all-metal construction holds up in the field

Martin - D-42 “Frampton’s Camel” Signature Edition

Full Circle Justice For Frampton’s Stolen Dreadnought: The D-42 “Frampton’s Camel” Signature Edition

The loss of a great guitar can really hurt. For Peter Frampton, that guitar was a Martin D-45 he bought in 1971. “I left Humble Pie with just enough money to buy it. It was one of those inspiring guitars; I used it to write and record most of the tracks on ‘Frampton’s Camel.’ I toured with it in 1973 in support of the album, and between two concerts in Ohio, it was stolen.”

Peter Frampton went on to become a rock & roll icon. In 1976 he became an international star with “Frampton Comes Alive,” which became one of the biggest selling live albums in history, and produced three hit singles, including “Baby, I Love Your Way” and “Show Me the Way.” His next album, 1977’s “I’m in You,” went to #2 on the album charts, and the single of the same name also hit #2. His 1979 single “I Can’t Stand It No More” was a top 20 hit. In the 1980s, his single “Lying” received considerable radio airplay, and he played lead guitar on friend David Bowie’s “Never Let Me Down” album and on his Glass Spider World Tour. Nearly constant touring during the 1990s produced “Frampton Comes Alive II” album in 1995 and “Live in Detroit” in 2000, from which “Off the Hook” received a Grammy nomination for Best Rock Instrumental. His 2003 album “Now” ranks among the finest studio efforts of his long career.

Yet for all his success, Frampton never forgot his vanished D-45. When Martin approached him regarding the creation of a namesake Signature Edition guitar, he suggested an instrument that would acknowledge and replace that special Martin. The D-42 Peter Frampton “Frampton’s Camel” Signature Edition does so in inimitable style.

The D-42 Peter Frampton Signature Edition features a superb combination of solid tonewoods for big, balanced Dreadnought tone. The Adirondack spruce top is reinforced with scalloped, forward-shifted 5/16" Adirondack spruce braces and matched to a back and sides of East Indian rosewood. The 1-11/16" (at the nut) low profile neck is genuine mahogany. Headplate, bridge and fingerboard are African black ebony.

Classic Martin Style 42 and Style 45 appointments abound, including colorful abalone purfling around the top, fingerboard extension and rosette; black/white fine line purfling on the sides, back, endpiece, heelcap, neck, and headstock; and grained ivoroid binding throughout (fingerboard and headstock included). A colorful Style 45 mosaic backstrip bisects the back, and original Style 42 (beginning at the 5th fret) snowflake position markers accent the fingerboard. Gold-plated Waverly tuners with ivoroid butterbean knobs grace the polished headstock and a tortoise-color polished and beveled pickguard protects the guitar’s top. The body of the instrument is finished in flawless polished gloss, with vintage toner on the top to enhance its vintage look; satin finish on the neck provides exceptional player comfort.

To acknowledge the “Frampton’s Camel” connection, a small camel in mother of pearl nestles beneath the Old Style Martin gold decal logo on the headplate. Peter Frampton’s signature in mother of pearl appears at the base of the fingerboard between the 19th and 20th frets. Pearl-inlaid bridge and endpins for this guitar are fashioned from genuine camel bone. The “Frampton’s Camel” logo is etched on the neck block and also appears as a watermark on each guitar’s interior label, which is personally signed by Peter Frampton and Martin Chairman C. F. Martin IV and numbered in sequence with the Signature Edition total.

Frampton already has received a protot ype of the D-42 Peter Frampton “Frampton’s Camel” Signature Edition and is very impressed. “It’s terrific. The guitar is perfectly balanced and plays like a dream. It’s new but already sounds better than my original D-45.”

Born and raised in England, Peter Frampton began learning guitar at age eight. By his early teens, he was playing in rock & roll groups, including the Preachers, managed by the Rolling Stones’ Bill Wyman. In 1966 he dropped out of school to join the Herd, which scored several British hits in 1967 and 1968. He left the Herd to found Humble Pie with former Small Faces singer Steve Marriott, but creative differences pulled the group apart in 1971. Three albums leading his own band, guest spots on albums by George Harrison and Harry Nilsson, and almost constant touring in the next three years provided the foundation for the success of “Frampton Comes Alive.”

The successes of the late 1970s and early 1980s were followed by leaner times, but Frampton remained fully involved in music with periodic album releases and tours. During the 1990s, in addition to his own projects, he recorded and toured with Bill Wyman and the Rhythm Kings and Ringo Starr’s All-Starr Band. He received the singular honor of appearing as himself on two animated television series: The Simpsons and The Family Guy. He appeared in and contributed songs to the 2001 movie “Almost Famous” and helped the actors in the fictional band Stillwater learn their rock & roll moves. In 2005, he contributed a track to “Les Paul & Friends: American Made, World Played” and also appeared at Paul’s 90th Birthday Salute in New York. Next up for Frampton is the September 2006 release of “Fingerprints,” an allinstrumental album on which he is joined by many of his musical friends and musical heroes, and a concert tour of the United States.

Delivered in a Geib style hardshell case, the D-42 Peter Frampton “Frampton’s Camel” Signature Edition guitar may be ordered as a left-hand instrument without additional cost; factory-installed electronics are an extracost option. Martin will accept orders from authorized C. F. Martin dealers for the D-42 Peter Frampton “Frampton’s Camel” Signature Edition until September 15, 2006, after which the number of guitars in this Signature Edition and the names of participating Martin dealers will be posted on the Martin website.

Martin - JC Buddy Guy Blues Guitar

Polka Dot Signature Edition Honors Blues Legend Buddy Guy

With five Grammy Awards, 23 W.C. Handy Awards (the most of any artist), 65 albums, a place in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, and disciples like Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton and Stevie Ray Vaughn, Buddy Guy ranks as one of the music legends of our time. He reigns as the undisputed king of Chicago blues with his fine songwriting, potent voice, incendiary playing and electrif ying stage presence. Remarkably, more than fifty years after he first picked up a guitar, he is making some of the most passionate and exciting music of his entire career.

While Chicago blues by definition is electric, Buddy Guy can play acoustic blues with the best of them when he chooses. He and Willie Dixon provided the instrumental fireworks on the 1963 album “Muddy Waters, Folk Singer.” On 1981’s “Alone & Acoustic, Buddy Guy & Junior Wells,” he used a 12-string guitar to full, bluesy advantage. His playing on the 2004 album “Buddy Guy, Blues Singer” is both subtle and powerful.

Still, when it came to creating a Martin Signature Edition with his name on it, Buddy Guy showed himself to be anything but a traditionalist. The JC Buddy Guy Blues Guitar may well be the most distinctive Signature Edition Martin has ever made!

The JC Buddy Guy Blues Guitar combines Martin’s J (Jumbo) body style – like the Martin Buddy has played at acoustic concerts in recent years – with a cutaway for big sound and easy access to the upper frets. The Sitka spruce top is reinforced with 5/16" scalloped braces for clear tone and impressive dynamic range. The sides and Style 35 three-piece back are richly colored East Indian rosewood. The low profile 1-11/16" (at the nut) neck is carved from genuine mahogany.

But it is the appointments that really set the JC Buddy Guy Blues Guitar apart. Buddy likes polka dots on his guitars, and polka dots he got. The unique rosette features three five-ply black/white rings, the inner two flanking a ring of turquoise composite dots. Turquoise composite dot inlays also accent the black ebony belly bridge and the ebony bridge pins. The black ebony fingerboard provides the palette for a random “splash” of turquoise composite polka dots. Buddy Guy’s “BG” initials serve as the position marker at the 12th fret, while mother of pearl dots, bordered in turquoise, mark the 5th, 7th, 9th and 15th frets. The black ebony headplate showcases the block letter “C. F. Martin” logo, also inlaid in turquoise composite.

This guitar showcases extraordinary purfling, even for a Signature Edition Martin. The top features seven-ply, differential width black/white purfling while the back is encircled by five-ply black/white fine line purfling. Black/white purfling accents the sides, endpiece, heelcap, headstock and fingerboard. To show off the purf ling to best advantage, the guitar is bound in grained ivoroid throughout: body, neck and headstock. A gloss finish on the body highlights the purfling; the neck sports a satin finish for playing comfort.

The JC Buddy Guy Blues Guitar is factory equipped with Fishman VT electronics. To simplify “on the fly” adjustments in the tradition of electric blues, the volume and tone knobs are mounted on the top, just below the bridge and the polished and beveled black pickguard.

Buddy Guy is as unique as the Martin guitar that bears his name. Born a sharecropper’s son in Lettsworth, Louisiana, he was a seven-year-old when he fashioned his first makeshift two-string “guitar.” He received his first real guitar as a teenager and served his blues apprenticeship as a guitarist with “Big Poppa” John Tilly and Slim Harpo in Baton Rouge before catching a bus to Chicago in 1957. Within days of his arrival in Chicago, he caught the attention of Muddy Waters, Otis Rush, Magic Slim and the rest of Chicago’s blues elite. After cutting his debut singles on the Cobra label, he went to work for Chess, becoming the house guitarist for recordings by Waters, Howlin’ Wolf, Willie Dixon, Little Walter and many others, in addition to making his own records, like “First Time I Met the Blues,” “Stone Crazy” and “No Lie.” His highly amplified, stinging guitar, emotional singing and flashy playing (behind his back, with his teeth, etc.) onstage inspired several young musicians, including Eric Clapton in England, and Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughn in the United States.

Guy left Chess in 1967 to record with Vanguard. During the late 1960s and 1970s, in addition to working with his own band, he played and recorded frequently with harp ace Junior Wells, a relationship captured on the live album “Drinkin’ TNT ‘n’ Smokin’ Dynamite.” Sadly, the 1970s and 1980s were difficult decades for Chicago bluesmen. Guy bounced from label to label for several years and spent long stretches touring clubs in the United States and Europe. For several years in the late 1980s, he couldn’t get a U.S. record deal, even though he was revered by the best rock guitarists on the planet.

The difficult days ended in 1991 with the release of “Damn Right I’ve Got the Blues,” which won a Grammy and brought Guy a new generation of fans. A series of fine albums followed, including “Slippin’ In,” “Sweet Tea” and his latest, “Bring ‘Em In,” which features an all-star cast of guest artists: Keith Richards, Carlos Santana, Keb Mo’, Tracy Chapman, and John Mayer. Buddy Guy was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2005. When not on tour – his 2006 schedule includes shows in Australia, Puerto Rico, Latvia and Mexico as well as throughout the United States – he can often be found at his Chicago nightclub, Buddy Guy’s Legends.

Delivered in a Geib style hardshell case, each Martin JC Buddy Guy Blues Guitar bears an interior label individually signed by Buddy Guy and Martin Chairman C. F. Martin IV and is numbered in sequence with the edition total. Martin will accept orders from authorized C. F. Martin dealers for the JC Buddy Guy Blues Guitar until September 15, 2006, after which the number of guitars in this Signature Edition and the names of participating Martin dealers will be posted on the Martin website.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Martin - Johnny Cash Black D35

D-35 Johnny Cash Commemorative Edition
Pays Tribute to the “Man In Black’s” Favorite Martin Guitar

When he died on September 12, 2003 at age 71, Johnny Cash passed from icon to legend. In a singular career that spanned six decades, more than 1,500 songs, 48 hit singles and 11 Grammy awards, the “Man in Black” showed unique power and passion in his music. Even today, with the success of the movie “Walk the Line,” the musical “Ring of Fire” on Broadway and the huge success of the five albums he recorded in the last decade of his life, it is clear that Johnny Cash matters, and no artist could wish for a better legacy.

C. F. Martin produced a total of 80 black D-42JC Johnny Cash Signature Model guitars in 1997, #1 of which Cash played for the rest of his life, except for a short period when it went back to Nazareth for repairs after an onstage mishap. But, for years previous to the arrival of his D-42JC, Johnny Cash’s favorite Martin was a modified D-35 Custom, his – and Martin's – first with an original polished black finish. It was this guitar that Cash played on stage for nearly 20 years. Now Martin pays tribute to Johnny Cash with a close facsimile of that instrument: the D-35 Johnny Cash Commemorative.

The story of how Cash’s black D-35 came to be is one its owner must have appreciated. C. F. Martin III was head of Martin in those days, and he never allowed the Company to build a guitar with a black finish – it was just too radical. So Cash’s custom order was built in secret, with the guitar hidden away and only worked on when he was away from the factory floor. The guitar was completed and delivered, and C. F. Martin III remained unaware of the instrument until one night when he turned on his television to watch an episode of “Columbo” and saw guest star Johnny Cash playing it. Those in the know say he was pleased to see the Martin on television, even if it was black!

The D-35 Johnny Cash Commemorative’s polished black gloss lacquer finish allows its appointments to shine. Five bands of alternating black and white purfling encircle the top, three bands encircle the back and five bands border the sides, in all cases protected by grained ivoroid binding. The grained ivoroid heel cap and endpiece are likewise framed by multiple black and white inlays. The Style 45 rosette features an inlay of vibrant select green abalone pearl. Traditional Style 35 zigzag backstrips separate the three-piece back.

Both the fingerboard and headstock are bound with grained ivoroid and inset with mitered black/white fine line inlays. Martin’s Old Style large decal logo gleams on the polished black ebony headplate. True to Cash’s D-35 Custom, the headstock also sports Grover Rotomatic enclosed chrome tuners. The African black ebony fingerboard is inlaid with position markers similar to those on the D-42 Johnny Cash Signature Edition and small abalone stars bordered with mother of pearl at the 5th, 7th, 9th, 12th and 15th frets. Johnny Cash’s signature in pearl appears between the 19th and 20th frets.

Because it’s a Martin, the D-35 Johnny Cash Commemorative sounds as good as it looks. Combining an Engelmann spruce top with 1/4" forward shifted scalloped braces gives this Dreadnought sweet tone and incredible responsiveness. Back and sides of East Indian rosewood add warmth and projection. The 1-11/16" neck is carved from genuine mahogany. A bone nut and compensated bone saddle (fitted in an ebony belly bridge), enhance its resounding power and clarity. Abalone-topped black Style 42 bridge pins and endpin add an elegant touch of color. A polished and beveled black – of course – pickguard protects the top.

This black guitar deserves a black case, specifically a Geib style case with special black hardware and a black interior. The D-35 Johnny Cash Commemorative may be ordered as a left-hand instrument at no additional charge; factory-installed electronics are optional.

The D-35 Johnny Cash Commemorative guitar comes with a special interior label in tribute to the “Man in Black,” each personally signed by Cash’s son, John Carter Cash and Martin Chairman C. F. Martin IV, and numbered in sequence. While the D-35 Johnny Cash Commemorative currently is open-ended, it is subject to closure in the future. Authorized C. F. Martin dealers will begin accepting orders for the Martin D-35 Johnny Cash Commemorative immediately and participating dealers will be posted on the Martin website.

Michael Kelly Guitars - Valor Custom

This one has it all!! The Valor Custom is the premier version of our double cutaway. The all maple top is deeply cut for a stunning appearance and a big tone. You get a flame maple top and ebony fingerboard only on the Custom. The Select Wound Custom pickups are step number one on a path to tonal nirvana. These pickups are uniquely wound for an especially high output. Need a full and rich distortion tone? The Valor Custom will deliver. Switch to clean tone however and it will again knock your socks off. Need some more tone? Thanks to two push-pull pots you can switch each pickup from the huge humbucker tone to a cutting single coil tone. Speaking of tone, check out the TonePros wrap-around bridge. There is a reason you find this as standard equipment on guitars at 3 or 4 times the price. This is simply the best bridge on the market for sound (if that matters to you). With anything that sounds this darn good you will want to be able to play all of the notes. The Valor Special has a unique set-in-neck construction. This tight fit neck provides maximum tone, but also is cutaway to provide full access and a smooth feel. It plays like a dream and sounds unbelievable. Select from five rich color option. The Valor Custom is available in Amber, Black Fade, Lava Red, Walnut and gloss Natural.

MTD- Bass Guitars

The bodies and necks are ergonomically carved to allow comfortable access to the extended scale bass. In general, ash (medium weight) has more growl and is more aggressive, poplar bodies have more punch, mahogany is more piano like with a slightly darker overall voice. Alder makes a very warm, big sounding, punchy bass, slightly compressed.

Adding a top helps to focus the low end. A hard top tends to create a quicker response with more bite and definition while a soft top will tend to round out the voice.

A wenge neck and board add compression and focus to the speaking voice of the bass. A maple neck and rosewood board is more open and slightly warmer than a maple neck and maple board. Ebony on maple is very quick in its response with lots of snap. I have been trying ash as a neck material and found it to be leaning towards wenge but more open.

The new pickups and active electronics are a proprietary design for MTD made by Bill Bartolini. The controls are: master volume and a pan pot, treble, mid, bass cut and boost, with center click (from neck to bridge). The three position switch selects the mid range cut and boost point. Down is lower mids, center is middle and up is upper mids. When the mid pot is at center click, the switch has minimal effect. This EQ has 2 batteries and is a +/- 9 volt system.

There is great variety in the settings of the EQ. The basses can be made to sound very traditional by cutting the mids all the way at 1000 (switch in top position), and boosting the bass and treble to 10 with the blend pot at center. This offers a great slap tone. Boosting the mids at 250 ( switch in lower position), with bass at 10 and treble at 9-10 with the blend pot on the bridge pick up gives the early Bartolini TCT tone. This offers a very percussive finger tone. These are just suggestions. The tone will vary depending on the rig and technique used.

Bridges and tuners are custom manufactured for MTD and the American model by Hipshot.

MTD is proud to announce that we have licensed the Buzz Feiten Tuning System for all hand made US basses This revolutionary tuning system enhances tuning dramatically, allowing the player greater freedom of expression The available, new Korg DT-7 tuner makes using the BFTS a snap. While the DT-7 is required for setting intonation, any standard tuner can be used to tune the instrument.

NS Design - Passive Upright Electric Bass

An affordable upright electric bass that comes in some beautiful high-gloss finishes.

NS Design- Electric Bass Cello

The five string NS Bass Cello is an electric string bass with these distinctive features:

· 34 inch fretless bass guitar scale with arched fingerboard
for bowing

· Dot markers on the fingerboard for intonation.

· 5 strings cover the range of the double bass and cello,
available in 3 standard tunings:
Bass guitar tuning: E,A,D,G,C (low to high in 4ths)
Low B bass guitar tuning: B,E,A,D,G (low to high in 4ths)
Octave cello tuning: C,G,D,A,E (low to high in 5ths)

· Bass Cello strings, flatwound custom made strings by
J D'Addario and Co. (Standard bass guitar stings can also be

· Polar™ Pickup System with multiple sensors to optimize
bowed response also allows control of attack and decay
parameters when plucked.

· EMG magnetic pickups and active EQ circuit

· Boomerang™ Strap System allows full mobility for bowing and
plucking. Interchangeable Tripod and End Pin stands are
optional. Click here to view an informational video.

The stroke of the bow energizes the instrument with a wonderfully natural and expressive voice that combines a powerful bass resonance with brilliant harmonics. The versatile pizzicato response can emulate the percussive punch of the acoustic upright or the smooth sustain of the fretless electric, or open the way to new sonic territory for those who want to experiment. The five strings, in concert with the thirty four inch scale, cover the range of the double bass and cello combined.

Fifty years ago, the electro-magnetic pickup gave birth to the electric bass guitar, a plucked instrument that offered new sounds that were destined to change music forever. This has left many bass players without access to the rich, singing voice that only a bowed instrument can provide. With the advent of piezo technology, the NS Electric Bass Cello has emerged from the drawing board to make great bowed sounds accessible to everyone who can play the bass guitar. Tuned in fourths, the fingering is exactly the same as the bass guitar. For cellists interested in a bass instrument, the fifth tuning an octave below the cello is ideally suited to the 34 inch scale length of the Bass Cello.

A new dimension in musical expression, electric bowed instruments are reaching across the traditional divide, bringing bowed music back into popular use, and energizing the classical world with exciting new sounds. NS Design is driven to develop the best instruments possible to support this union of tradition and technology. In this spirit, we are proud to include the bass cello in the NS family of electric bowed instruments.

Arched Fingerboard: The Bass Cello has a highly arched fingerboard and bridge, similar to a cello, to optimize bow articulation. The high arch on the fingerboard fits the human hand, and combines with the round neck profile for a comfortable and natural feel.

34 Inch Scale: The 34 inch scale length of the Bass Cello is the same as the standard bass guitar. Tuned in fourths as a bass (E A D G C), the fingering positions are therefore immediately familiar to the bass guitarist. The Bass Cello can also be tuned in fifths, for fingerings that are natural for the cellist.

Dot Markers: Dots for each semi-tone cascade across the fingerboard in a pattern that provides a clear visual fingering reference. The logical dot pattern is of critical value to the novice player, and an invaluable tool for the seasoned pro.

Polar™ Pickup System: The multiple sensor NS Polar bridge pickup system has two modes of operation, "arco" and "pizzicato". This allows the player to optimize bowed response, and to control attack and decay characteristics for plucking. The deep bass and brilliant highs possible with piezo crystal technology give the instrument a beautiful, dynamic, and versatile sound.

EMG™ Magnetic Pickups: EMG low impedance magnetic pickups have a smooth response with lots of sweet midrange for the quintessential "electric" sound.

Active Controls: Two balance controls allow unlimited mixing options for the magnetic and the dual mode Polar™ Pickup systems. On-board pre-amplification provides master volume, bass and treble controls.

NS Bass Cello Strings: Traditional cello strings, designed for bowing, are the starting reference for NS Bass Cello Strings. Light and responsive, with singing highs and deep low register, these ultra-smooth low-tension strings are effortless to play, and minimize unwanted finger noise. They have a smooth pizzicato growl that can be made to sound very much like an acoustic, yet deliver plenty of sustain and drive when you need it. Still these strings, custom made by D'Addario, are highly specialized for bowing. They respond much quicker to the bow than traditional bass strings, so expressive bow technique is easier to develop and maintain. The Bass Cello is designed to accommodate any standard bass guitar string, adding unlimited set up options for the musician who wants to explore.

Interchangeable Support Systems: The optional self-standing Tripod stand provides stable support for the instrument at virtually any angle, for standing or seated on stool. The End Pin stand is adjustable so that the instrument remains balanced without support from the left hand.

Boomerang™ Strap System: The two articulated arms and pivoting hub allow full mobility for bow and pizzicato styles of play. The comfortable Boomerang strap fits over the shoulder just like a guitar, but the adjustable strap arms allow the instrument to be placed in virtually any position in relation to the hands and body.

Hand Crafted Maple and Ebony: Each instrument is hand-made in the Czech Republic to the highest standard by craftsmen steeped in a long tradition of instrument making.

Peavey - HP Series Custom Shop Interface

Musicians will be able to design and buy one-of-a-kind Peavey instruments in the all-new Peavey Custom Shop, a real-time online interface that will debut in beta format at Summer NAMM exhibit 1746.
The new Peavey Custom Shop will take musicians step by step through the process of designing custom Peavey guitars and basses to their own specifications. This new interface is the only online custom shop that offers a custom color palette where users can dial in their exact custom color or choose from a bank of standard colors. In addition, the Peavey Custom Shop will allow musicians to submit their orders online immediately or save their creations and upload for future purchase.

The Peavey Custom Shop will see its official launch at PeaveyCustomShop.com in Q4 2006. Visit www.peavey.com/support/corporate to view a QuickTime tour of the Peavey Custom Shop by Hartley Peavey, founder and sole owner of Peavey.

Peavey revolutionized guitar making in the 1970s with its T-60™, the first guitar made using CNC computer-controlled machinery. The T-60 bridged the gap between the vintage and modern eras in guitar making, and nearly three decades later the musical instrument and sound equipment giant's guitar manufacturing innovations have become industry standards.

Peterson - Strobo Flip

The StroboFlip™ is the latest in the Peterson line of Virtual Strobe Tuners. Its unique design coupled with unexcelled accuracy and Sweetened" Tunings makes the StroboFlip an indispensable tool for any musician
Violin, Viola, Cello tunings
First ever presets for these instruments! Tune to the correct perfect fifth intervals with 1/10 cent accuracy. The StroboFlip is the first tuner capable of properly tuning violin, viola and cello!

Sweetened™ Guitar Tunings
Tuning and intonation settings for the Buzz Feiten Tuning System®, Peterson GTR, Peterson and Buzz 12 string settings, bass settings and perfect & half-tempered thirds for Dobro®/Resonator guitars.

Steel Guitar
No more tuning charts, no more guessing! Two E9th tuning presets, one with sharp E's and one with "straight up" E's plus a C6th tuning for steel guitar players. Enough programmability to add other pre-tempered tunings - E7, A6, B6, custom raises & lowers etc. StroboFlip's got it all!!

Other advancements of the StroboFlip are programmable auto-off, backlit control panel (when in AC mode), 8 user programmable Sweeteners/temperaments and a wider A390 to A490Hz range. Peterson Tuners are accurate to 0.1 cent, that's at least 30 times the accuracy of any digital tuner out there. Get your instrument in tune faster and more precisely than ever before with a Peterson StroboFlip!

Planet Waves - Chromatic Pedal Tuner

The Planet Waves Chromatic Pedal Tuner is a sweep and strobe tuner with patent-pending intuitive rotary user interface housed in a rugged, road-worthy metal enclosure. An oversized note name indicator and super-bright tuning LEDs combine to makeon-stage tuning easy in all lighting conditions. Professional features like true hard bypass for preserved tone and dual 9v AC jacks make this unit at home in any pedal board configuration.• Sweep and Strobe mode tuning

• True Hard Bypass
• User calibration from A435Hz to A445Hz
• Bright, multi-segment oversized note indicator
• Mute/Bypass select for silent tuning when amplified
• Accurate to +/- 3 cents

Planet Waves - Adjustable-Insert Pick

Bass players that use their fingers but would like to use a pick without losing the crucial sound of finger picking do not have to despair. Once again, Planet Waves has come to the rescue, and introduces its new Adjustable-Insert Pick.

"So many players just want to try new things," said Brian Vance, Senior Product Manager for D'Addario. "The insert pick will offer new inspiration and playing power to bass players adding a new spectrum of tonal possibilities."

The groundbreaking design of the Planet Waves Adjustable-Insert Pick allows players to achieve a variety of picking sounds and attacks. A rubber outer pick accepts different inserts of varying thickness for soft to hard attacks. This design will provide the distinct sound of a finger-plucked bass. It is also great for guitar and ukulele.

The Planet Waves insert pick will ship as of September 1, 2006 and will retail for $5.99.

Planet Waves - S.O.S. Pick Tuner

The revolutionary Planet Waves S.O.S. Guitar Tuner pulses two out-of-phase LED light beams directly onto the vibrating string. When the string is out of tune, the two lights will visually dance on the string being tuned. As you approachin-tune status, the movement slows down and eventually stops when you are perfectly in tune. This revolutionary visual tuning system enables precision tuning in silent or noisy environments, without the need for audible sound or sensing of any kind.

• Ergonomic pick-sized design
• Light Based Tuning
• Precisely tune in dark or noisy environments
• Accurate to +/- .4 cents

Toft Audio - Trident Series ATB 16 Channel Mixer

Malcolm Toft shows off his latest creation, the Toft Audio Trident Series ATB 16 Channel Mixer. Channels feature Burr Brown preamps, four bands of original Trident Series 80B EQ (high and low shelving plus two sweepable mids), six aux sends (one prefade and five switchable pre/post), a comprehensive monitor section (which can feed the main L/R bus for an effective total of 32 channel inputs), stereo/mono solo (pre/post fader switchable), and routing buttons for the main stereo bus and the eight sub-group busses.

Master section includes talkback, monitor switching, headphone jack and level knob, solo bus level knob, master levels for the six aux sends, and faders for the eight group busses and main stereo bus. Eight monitor returns plus and an additional eight pairs of stereo effect returns boost the board's total inputs to 56. And an optional digital card adds eight channels of ADAT lightpipe i/o, 10 of firewire i/o, plus S/PDIF for the main L/R bus.

PreSonus - DigiMax FS 8 Channel Mic Preamp

PreSonus Audio is pleased to announce the new DigiMax FS - an 8-channel microphone preamplifier with 8 channels of 96K ADAT (dual SMUX) in/out, balanced analog direct outputs, and TRS inserts on each channel.

The DIGIMAX FS is the perfect solution to add eight Class A preamps to expand any digital audio hardware system with ADAT optical light pipe I/O including the Digidesign 002, and 002 Rack, Yamaha DM series digital mixers, RME recording interfaces and more.

The DigiMax FS features include 8 class A microphone preamps w/ trim control, 24-bit resolution, up to 96K sampling rate, 96k ADAT input/output (dual SMUX) with JetPLL jitter reduction technology, direct outputs on every channel, inserts on every channel and word clock.

PreSonus - FaderPort Desktop USB/MIDI Controller

PreSonus Audio is pleased to announce the FaderPort - a desktop USB automation and transport controller for computer recording to write single-channel and group-channel fader automation as well as complete transport control and navigation functionality to increase work flow and enhance creativity during recording and production.

The FaderPort is loaded with a high-quality 100 mm touch-sensitive motorized long throw fader to give the user the feel needed for recording perfect fades and writing automation. A foot switch jack is also included on the FaderPort for hands free punch-in/out during recording. The FaderPort works with any Mac or Windows based recording software including Pro Tools, Cubase, Nuendo, Sonar, Logic and more. The FaderPort will be shipping this summer.

PreSonus - FireStudio 24-bit/96K 26x26 FireWire Recording Studio

Recording bands? To capture to the sonic magic of a band you need at least sixteen microphone preamplifiers; maybe more. Well it’s no problem with the expandable FireStudio from PreSonus. The FireStudio with 36x318 zero latency mixer/router along with the optional MSR (Monitor Station Remote) delivers total control of your monitors, mixes, and communications with the band. The FireStudio also includes the PreSonus ProPak Software Suite with Cubase LE and over 2 GB of plug-ins, drum loops and samples giving you everything you need for professional music recording and production. Need more mic pre’s? The DigiMax FS, DigiMax96 or DigiMax LT adds 8 more preamps and line outputs to the FireStudio or any DAW with ADAT light pipe I/O.


- High-speed firewire (IEEE 1394)

- 24-bit / 96K sampling rate

- 8 class A microphone preamps

- 8-channel 96k ADAT I/O (dual SMUX)

- S/PDIF I/O, MIDI I/O, word clock I/O

- 36x18 DSP matrix mixer / router

- Optional Monitor Station Remote (MSR)

- Cubase LE included

- PreSonus ProPak Software Suite (over 2 GB of plug-ins, loops and samples)

- Mac and Windows compatible

PreSonus - V-Fire

The V-FIRE allows the user to convert Roland’s R-BUS digital audio format to FireWire (IEEE 1394), thus providing a multi-channel computer interface for Roland products equipped with R-BUS output.

The V-FIRE features two R-BUS ports and two FireWire ports allowing sixteen channels of digital audio to stream at up to 24-bit 96K sample rate. The V-FIRE is also equipped with R-BUS 1, R-BUS 2 and master sync LED indicators.

The Windows XP and Macintosh compatible V-FIRE will also ship with a software control panel enabling the user to select the sample rate (44.1K, 48K, 88.2K, and 96K), latency, buffer size and clock source.

“We are very pleased to offer the V-FIRE to Roland’s loyal customer base” says Jim Odom, President of PreSonus. “The V-FIRE is an amazing solution for file transfer and sharing between R-BUS devices and computer-based recording systems giving the customer further flexibility and power for music creation.”

Randall - Lynch Box Guitar Amplifier

Introducing the new George Lynch Signature Series “Lynch Box” head and cabinet. Reunited as partners after nearly two decades, we’re proud to launch the new Lynch Box 100 watt modular tube head. Designed and based around the current RM100 electronics, the new Lynch Box is a culmination of Lynch’s legendary signature guitar tones from the past to the present. Choose between four new signature tube preamps, each capturing a span of his illustrious career, and simply load them into any of the three Lynch Box channels. All new Signature modules are 100% compatible with each MTS series amp.

To reproduce the Lynch Box tone, George developed the exact cabinet specifications he was looking for resulting in a huge sounding cabinet with thick smooth mid-range and defined highs. This new slightly oversized rear port cabinet is constructed by hand using a combination of void-free birch plywood and a high density fiberboard for a tight projecting tone. If you’re a fan of the Lynch tone this is the amp and cab you’ve been waiting for.


Lynch Box-RM100LB
3 Modular Channels
100 Watts all tube
JJ E34L power tubes
Custom Dark Forest Alligator vinyl
Gold piping
Master Volume
Master Presence
Master Density
Series loop
Parallel loop w/front panel mix control
MIDI in/thru
Rear panel tube bias section
World Voltage selector
MIDI footswitch included

Lynch Modules

A clean module with Vox like tone characteristics. Nice chime on the high's with warm low bottom end. Sounds very acoustic like due to reduced mid-range.

A mouth watering classic hi-gain tone that represents George's signature rhythm sound. This preamp has the classic British voicing with signature American tone modifications. It's a Lynch's variation of the vintage Plexi tone.

What we've all been waiting for! It's the patented Lynch heavy rhythm and lead tone of Dokken and Lynch Mob era. It has similar voicing to that of the Brahma with addition gain and punch. The standard 80's high gain tone with tight low end and impressive gain.

A modern Lynch lead and rhythm tone. A true Rectifier feel with thicker lower mid-range than the "Mr. Scary" preamp, A modern lead tone from the Lynch Mob to current era

Rocktron - Utopia G100 Guitar Floor Processor

Shure - Performance Gear Wireless

A comprehensive first step into professional wireless, Performance Gear Wireless Systems are engineered to the same uncompromising quality standards as PGX, SLX, ULX and UHF-R wireless. Marrying superior sound quality and stage-proven endurance with advanced features like Internal Antenna Diversity and frequency selectability, Performance Gear Wireless fulfills the promise of independent, confident performance in freedom from the wire.

Performance Gear Wireless features include:

Reliable wireless performance
Up to 8 compatible systems (across multiple bands)
Shure’s patented Predictive Diversity ensures continuous reception

Confident, portable setup
Internal Antenna
First in the industry
Internal ¼ wave antennas minimize poor positioning and breakage
Durable construction

Superior sound quality
Variable companding ratio for clear sound
80 years of microphone expertise

Spector Design- New ARC6 Electric Guitars

Stuart Spector Design debuted the ARC6 electric guitars at Winter NAMM 2005. Now in production, these are handcrafted USA made instruments featuring the finest woods and components.

The 22 fret, 25” scale length set necks are available in either mahogany or solid Honduran rosewood.
The carved mahogany bodies have hidden chambers for enhanced tone and lighter weight and are capped with select figured maple tops.

The choices of pickups are Custom Duncan, Harmonic Design humbuckers & Z90 models, or EMG active humbucking pickups.

Chrome plated hardware is standard including Gotoh mini tuners, and Pigtail light weight bridge tailpiece. Gold hardware is also available.

Tama revives some classic drum finishes from the late sixties and early seventies.

Tama brings back some classic and new finishes including and acrylic set.

Tanglewood - Acoustic Guitars

Sixteen years ago Tanglewood Guitars began selling instruments in England and quickly earned a reputation for excellent value in the competitive midpriced guitar sweepstakes. The company also offers banjos, mandolins, basses, resonators, and PA gear, and at present Tanglewood is reportedly the best-selling acoustic-guitar brand in Europe. Happily, the Canadian company Musiquip recently started importing Tanglewoods to this side of the Atlantic so we can find out first-hand how they stack up in the under-$800 guitar bracket.

Tanglewood offers three guitar lines in North America: the entry-level Indiana series, the intermediate Premiere series, and the top-of-the-line, all-handmade Sundance Pro series. Our review guitar is the TW15-N-NS, a lower-priced Sundance Pro model. Like many guitars in its price range, it’s made in China.

There are more dreadnoughts built than any other body style, and at first glance the TW15-N-NS appears to be just another entry dropped into an already crowded marketplace. But a closer look shows that it was designed and built with unusual care for a guitar in its price range. The well-applied satin finish gives off an understated yet elegant glow, the visible joints are tight, and the tall frets are highly polished and evenly seated. The neck and body are bound in white celluloid, the diamond-shaped inlays in the Indian rosewood fretboard give off a subtle vintage vibe, and the Indian rosewood bridge features a compensated saddle for more accurate intonation.

Inside, the TW15-N-NS is as cleanly constructed as the exterior and, even when examining the underside of the top with a mirror, I couldn’t see any flaws or sloppy glue joints. Instead, I found nicely scalloped braces, a small rosewood bridge plate, and well-executed linings (the strips of small blocks that join the top to the sides). The top is solid spruce, with a uniform color and evenly spaced grain lines.

But does it sound as good as it looks? The answer is an unqualified “Yes!” The solid African mahogany back and sides, paired with the scalloped top bracing, produce shimmering trebles without a hint of sizzle, robust yet balanced mids, and deep, well-defined bass with none of the tubbiness that sometimes afflicts dreadnoughts in this price range. The TW15-N-NS has the clarity and definition to let you hear individual chord notes during soft picking patterns, yet it has enough headroom to withstand all but the most furious strumming.

The action on our test model was slightly high, but the guitar has a good neck angle and a tall saddle, so it should be no problem for a competent repair-person to set it up for your personal style. The mahogany neck is on the slim side, making it a good choice for electric-guitar players looking for an acoustic with a fast feel. Flatpickers, bluegrass and otherwise, should find that the sleek profile makes it easy for their fretting hands to move from string to string, although players used to a bulkier “vintage” shape might think the neck is a bit too slender. Also, some fingerpickers may find the 1 11/16-inch nut and 2 1/4-inch string spacing at the saddle a tad narrow.

Like most dreadnoughts, the Tanglewood TW15-N-NS sounds best when played somewhat aggressively, but it doesn’t wimp out when you back off. It’s well designed, impeccably crafted, and tastefully appointed. It’s hard to believe that, only a few years ago, a solid-wood guitar of this quality would have set you back at least $1,000. The TW15-N-NS is a fine choice for an ambitious beginner, a pro picker on a budget, or anyone who just appreciates getting a lot of bang, twang, and pleasurable plucks for their hard-earned bucks.

Taylor - Fall Limited Series Guitars

Every year, Taylor Guitars fans eagerly await the arrival of Taylors' Fall Limited Editions. These guitars sell quickly, and the 2006 Fall Limiteds (a set of Taylor classics in the 400, 700, 800 and 900 Series with a unifying "theme" of maple binding and accents) will no doubt follow suit. All Taylor 2006 Fall Limiteds feature the Expression System pickup.

The 410E-LTD and 414E-LTD feature satin-finished walnut back and sides, a Sitka spruce top, a brilliant maple back wedge and maple binding. Both guitars deliver the strong natural resonance which makes walnut a favored tonewood with many players. The 710CE-LTD and 714CE-LTD boast Indian rosewood back and sides, topped with Engelmann spruce for sweet and deep tones. Maple binding, a slice of maple for a back wedge, and a ring of lustrous abalone encircling the soundhole create a stately visual impression in keeping with the sonic properties of the 700 Series Fall Limiteds. The 810CE-LTD and 814CE-LTD are made with back and sides of Madagascar rosewood. Madagascar yields a similar sound to Brazilian rosewood, replete with deep bass tones, a clear midrange and sizzling high harmonics. The 800 Series Fall Limiteds retain the Sitka spruce top, gloss finish, stylized fretboard inlays and shimmering abalone soundhole rosette of their respective standard models, but are augmented with maple binding and a maple wedge, for sharp visual contrast.

The 910CE-LTD and 914CE-LTD both highlight the wild beauty of Mexican cocobolo, pairing the dazzling figured tonewood with a creamy Engelmann spruce top, a combination that allows the 900 Series Fall Limiteds to give voice to an extreme range of tone—vibrant highs, a clear, wide-open midrange and solid, muscular bass frequencies.

These Limited Editions have lovely flamed maple binding and a distinctive maple back-stripe. Long-time Taylor owners will appreciate the return of the abalone "Cindy" inlay on the fretboard, although first-time owners will no doubt also appreciate the delicate and ornate inlay, which is named after president/co-owner Bob Taylor's wife, Cindy Taylor.

The Taylor 2006 Fall Limited Editions will ship in late summer.

Taylor - GS Guitars

More than 30 years after Bob Taylor built his first guitar, his company is in a truly enviable position:
Its instruments are in high demand, they’re frequently spotted in the hands of some of the finest—and
most popular—guitarists, and, perhaps most importantly, they’ve established the “Taylor sound” as an identifiable
sonic signature.

Of course, no signature sound will appeal to every guitarist, and that’s what makes Taylor’s latest development
so intriguing. In the last few years the company’s biggest product announcements have concerned their new Expression
System electronics and their T5 electric guitar, and to many it seemed Taylor’s focus was moving away from acoustics. That
sentiment must have made its way to their factory in El Cajon, California, because Taylor’s most recent project was to build a
new acoustic guitar with a fresh voice—something with vintage tones, great bass, excellent dynamic range, and the “openness” of an old guitar, not to mention Taylor’s famous clarity and playability. To that end, Bob Taylor and his crew came up with the new “Grand Symphony” body shape, which also ended up being the foundation of his new R. Taylor line of high-end guitars.

The GS line features one body style and four possible wood combinations: mahogany and cedar; rosewood and spruce; rosewood and cedar; and maple and spruce. Less than a month after the new line was announced, we were able to check out one of the very first rosewood and cedar models.


At first glance, the GS looks almost like Taylor’s grand-auditorium shape. The GS body is only a ¼-inch wider (16¼
inches vs. 16 inches across the lower bout), and the depth and length are virtually identical. Further, both guitars
have standard Taylor X-bracing. A direct comparison of the two styles reveals a shift in proportions, with the GS having
a wider waist and different curves in the upper and lower bout. Plain ivoroid binding, a simple abalone rosette,
and small abalone fretboard markers complete the guitar’s appointments, resulting in a classy, understated appearance.

Robust bass response and breathy, three-dimensional tones that are extremely versatile. Great playability.

Solid western red cedar top. Solid Indian rosewood back and sides. Threepiece
mahogany bolt-on neck. Ebony fretboard and bridge. Scalloped X-bracing. Polyester finish. Taylor tuners. 25½-inch scale. 1¾-inch nut. 23/8-inch string spacing at saddle.
Made in USA.

Taylor - T5 Series Electric Guitars

Thirty years ago, we couldn't have imagined building an electric guitar. Now, after a relentless pursuit of innovation, the Taylor T5 electric guitar feels like a natural next step.

A lot can happen in the course of three decades. We listened closely as playing styles evolved and the line between acoustic and electric began to blur. We evolved, too. We honed our craft, inventing new pickups and pushing technology into totally new territory. The time for a guitar with real electric and acoustic tones has arrived.

Beginning with a fully-hollow thinline body that makes your acoustic tone authentic, we designed the Taylor T5 to perform equally well through both electric and acoustic amps.

The next generation of electric guitar is here. Take your tone from crunchy electric to strumming acoustic and everything in between, using the T5's proprietary humbucking pickups and body sensor. It's pure analog tone for today’s guitar player, with no catches and no compromises.

TC-Helicon - VoiceSolo Monitor & VoiceLive Vocal Processor

VoiceSolo Monitor

How well you sing correlates to how well you can hear your voice. Good monitor sound can inspire you to sing better which helps you connect better with your audience. The VoiceSolo range of personal near-field monitors from TC-Helicon give your monitor mix an open-air, studio quality sound in a single mic-stand mounted enclosure that you can control.

A Voice Monitoring Solution
The range of VoiceSolo personal vocal monitors all employ a custom designed ICT™ true point source driver to reproduce the human voice in the most intelligible and natural way. The rugged cast aluminum enclosure offers multiple mounting options using intelligently designed adapters that make setup with standard microphone stands a simple and quick task.

A Model for any application

VSM-300 | Active Voice Monitor & Control
The ideal choice for the gigging musician who wants complete control over their monitor mix and sound. Comes with floor based I/O box.

VSM-200 | Active Voice Monitor
For anyone who wants to replace their current monitors and/or has someone running monitor mixes.

VSM-200P | Passive Voice Monitor
In situations where multiple monitors are needed and external amplifier channels are available.


As a performing musician you strive to assemble the right mix of gear to make your performances shine - but what about your voice? In the studio you polish your vocals to perfection using EQ, compression, pitch correction, harmonies and effects. VoiceLive brings your signature vocal sound on the road, putting your studio voice tools at your feet.

Get a complete vocal sound from a signal path that typically takes up five rack spaces.

Clipping is not a concern - the integrated VOSTM Limiter will protect your sound from distorting.
Solo artists can mix their vocal and instrument sound, as well as add effects using the dedicated instrument input.
Easy to use and flexible operation - step through various features such as presets, key, scale and an advanced song mode.
I/O designed for live setup, including a mic-thru output for easy integration with front of house consoles.
Studio-quality mic preamp with 48V phantom power. Mechanical construction that can stand up to the rigors of the road.

Toleeto Fasteners - Cord-Lox cable wraps

Toleeto Fasteners - Cord-Lox cable wraps

The Closed Loop model was our first design, and it's still one of the most popular. You simpy insert the end of the cord through the opening in the middle, then pinch it around the cord. It will stay on the cord until you take it off. Then just coil up the cord and wrap the Cord-Lox around it.

The Open Loop Series is perfect for cables with large connectors or plugs. The center section is overlapped, but only sealed on one side. Lift up the unsealed side, lay the cord in the opening and press the flap down around the cord. Then wrap the Cord-Lox around the coiled cable. Like the Closed Loop model, it will stay on the cord until you remove it.

If you rent sound, lighting or video equipment, the Rivet Series model is the one for you. These straps come with variable pre-punched holes and a plastic snap rivet. Wrap the strap around the cord with the hook side facing out, and snap the male and female halves of the rivet together. Then wrap the Cord-Lox around the coiled cable. Super easy! And it can't be removed, which makes it great for identification.

Don't leave expensive cables lying on the floor where they can be stepped on or rolled over. Hang 'em up and out of the way with the Buckle & Grommet Series. Just slip the end of the strap through the plastic buckle, cinch tight and attach it to itself, and hang it up. Great for studios, workshops and equipment vans

Walden Guitars- Natura 700 Series Guitars

Natura Line

High-grade all solid wood soundboard
Scalloped-X spruce soundboard bracing
Fully-bound body and neck
2-ring inlaid rosette
Distinctive Walden headstock and bridge
Indian Rosewood bridge and fingerboard
Mahogany neck
1 11/16 " nut width
2-way adjustable truss rod
Pearl Walden logo
Nitrocellulose lacquer

700 Series Features
• Solidwood top and back
• White plastic binding
• Abalone rosette
• Gold tuners with tortoise buttons
• Dreadnought(D) or Grand Auditorium(G) body shape

Walden Guitars - SuperNatura G3030CE Grand Auditorium

SupraNatura Line
High-grade all solid wood soundboard and back
"Pre-war" scalloped-X spruce soundboard bracing
All wood binding and trim
Wood inlaid rosette, bridge and end pins
Faceted Walden bridge and tapered Walden headstock
Fully-compensated bone nut and bone saddle
1 11/16" nut width on Dreadnoughts
1 3/4" nut width on Grand Auditoriums
Narrow-profile bolt-on mahogany neck
2-way adjustable truss rod
Inlaid rails of carbon graphite
Pearl Walden logo
Nitrocellulose lacquer

G303CE Grand Auditorium

body shape: Grand Auditorium
top material: Solid Western Red Cedar
back material: Solid Indian Rosewood
side material: Solid Indian Rosewood
soundboard bracing: "Pre-War" Scalloped-X

material: Mahogany
nut : Bone
nut width: 1 3/4"
scale length: 25.6"
fingerboard: Solid Ebony
trussrod: 2-way adjustable
reinforcement: Carbon Graphite Rails

binding: Flame Maple and Wood
rosette: Abalone and Wood
tuners: Gold with tortoise buttons
logo: Pearl
bridge: Faceted Ebony bridge
saddle: Bone
endpins: Ebony

Finish: Satin Nitrocellulose Lacquer

cutaway: Venetian
EQ: Fishman Ellipse Pro

Warwick - Thumb Bolt-On LTD 2006 'Dirty Blonde'

Thumb Bolt-On LTD 2006 'Dirty Blonde'

The highlight of the 2006 Winter NAMM Show was definitely the unveiling of the new limited edition bass, the Thumb BO LTD 2006 'Dirty Blonde.' Built off of the incredibly popular Thumb Bolt-on model, the Dirty Blonde has some unique and ground-breaking features. Most notably, this beautiful instrument has a Birdseye Poplar top over a hand-selected US Swamp Ash back, with a thin ekanga veneer in-between. Birdseye poplar is a very distinctive tone wood that has warm, defined lows and snappy highs. Also, this killer bass features an active MEC Twin J pickup in the bridge position and an active MEC P-style pickup in the neck position. MEC even created a special P-style pickup for the 5-string Dirty Blonde, which is wide enough to handle the 5-string spacing. You will not believe the great tones these pickups and the onboard active MEC 3-band preamp can generate! To top off this amazing bass, Warwick used special sea gull inlays - an artistic finish to a masterpiece of an instrument.

Warwick - RockBass Corvette Basic

RockBass Corvette Basic

The popular Corvette body shape, known worldwide, of 2 piece alder lends graceful curves and a solid foundation to provide both thundering lows and distinct highs in an instrument that is just as much fun to play as it is to look at it.

The 2 MEC Gold active jazz pickups are paired with active 2-band electronics to provide a wealth of tones well suited for stage or studio. The smooth maple neck is complemented by a rosewood fingerboard and nickel frets. The RockBass Corvette Basic, available in a gloss transparent black, gloss white or transparent blue gloss finish, is sure to please any musician without draining their pocketbooks.

Also available in fretless and left-handed versions at no additional cost.

Washburn- Timbercraft Series Acoustic Guitars

Washburn Guitars announces the release of five new solid wood acoustics, the Timbercraft Series.

These guitars premiered at this winter's NAMM show in Anaheim, CA. The five models; D52SW, D52SWCE, D56SW, D56SWCE and the F52SWCE have solid spruce tops with solid wood backs and sides, as well as one piece mahogany necks. The series has a retail price tag that is between $999.90 and $1,349,90.

The D52SW is completed with a solid spruce top, solid mahogany back and sides and maple binding on the body. The one piece mahogany neck contains stylized, diamond mother-of-pearl inlays, a rosewood fret board and maple binding. The guitar is equipped with Grover 18:1 tuners and a very attractive Abalone rosette. The D52SW retails at $999 and is also available as an acoustic electric, consisting of B-band electronics and an added cutaway. This D52SWCE retails for $1299.90.

The D56SW and D56SWCE are solid Rosewood versions of the D52SW and D52SWCE.

For the more articulate, finger-styled players, Washburn will premier the F52SWCE. This guitar features a folk style cutaway body, B-band electronics, a solid spruce top, as well as solid mahogany back and sides. The one-piece mahogany neck features mother-of-pearl stylized diamond inlays on a rosewood fret board. The F52SWCE retails for $1,279.90.

Yamaha - Acoustic Resonance Transducer Performance Video

See and hear the New APX Series Guitar with A.R.T Pickup System.

The APX series places emphasis on playability with a stylish thin profile that fits the musicians body.
As for cosmetics, the APX900 features a beautiful abalone sound hole ring inlay, ivory fingerboard and head binding, ivory/black body binding, maple bottom inlay, mother-of-pearl APX & Yamaha headstock logos and mother-of-pearl position markers. This model comes in four amazing color variations.

The APX900 features the newly developed A.R.T. (Acoustic Resonance Transducer) 3-way preamplifier system.

This innovative new preamplifier system utilizes four amazing contact pickups that dramatically reduce feedback while achieving rich, beautiful and natural tones.

Top Solid Spruce
Back & Sides Flamed Maple
Neck Nato
Fingerboard Ebony
Bridge Ebony
Electronics System57 (A.R.T.)
3-Way Pickup System with on board tuner,
3-band EQ and gold colored control panel
Tuners Die-cast Gold
Finishes Natural, Mocha Black, Ultramarine and Crimson Red Burst
Warranty Limited Lifetime

Yamaha - APX Series Acoustic Guitars


The APX series places emphasis on playability with a stylish thin profile that fits the musicians body.
As for cosmetics, the APX900 features a beautiful abalone sound hole ring inlay, ivory fingerboard and head binding, ivory/black body binding, maple bottom inlay, mother-of-pearl APX & Yamaha headstock logos and mother-of-pearl position markers. This model comes in four amazing color variations.

The APX900 features the newly developed A.R.T. (Acoustic Resonance Transducer) 3-way preamplifier system.

This innovative new preamplifier system utilizes four amazing contact pickups that dramatically reduce feedback while achieving rich, beautiful and natural tones.

Top Solid Spruce
Back & Sides Flamed Maple
Neck Nato
Fingerboard Ebony
Bridge Ebony
Electronics System57 (A.R.T.)
3-Way Pickup System with on board tuner,
3-band EQ and gold colored control panel
Tuners Die-cast Gold
Finishes Natural, Mocha Black, Ultramarine and Crimson Red Burst
Warranty Limited Lifetime

Yamaha Drums- Oak Custom Drum Set

Following in the footsteps of our Birch, Maple, and Beech drum series, Oak shows great promise as a drum shell material. A solid fundamental delivers a powerful sound while its character allows for a unique shell size line up. Beautifully grained, this hardwood creates a drum with stunning looks.

Air Seal System for Superior Shells
The use of our original Air Seal System is, in part, responsible for the superior quality found in Yamaha drum shells. Select woods are cut into plies, positioned with staggered diagonal seams, and sealed together with evenly distributed air pressure. The resulting shells are perfectly round and of uniform thickness delivering superior tone quality and exceptional durability.

All Oak Shell
Utilization of Yamaha's Air Seal system allows for the first time use of oak in a drum shell. As in our Maple and Birch series, this process delivers a shell that's perfectly round, with uniform thickness and excellent durability. The bass drum shell is 7-plys while the toms and floor tom shells are 6-plys. All shells throughout the entire range deliver a solid fundamental and powerful sound.

Oak Shells are Universal Sizes
Oak Custom shell depths are sized in between our "jazz" depth and "power" depth drums. The universal size allows for maximum projection while maintaining strong attack. Bass drums are available in 18"x15" and 20", 22", and 24" diameters with a universal 17" depth. The added depth enhances the oak's tone with greater bottom end and more power.

Floor toms come in conventional sizes (14"x14", 16"x16", and 18"x16")

Sleek, Low-Mass Lugs
These small, oval-shaped lugs are easily attached to the shell with a single bolt. Small footprints offer minimum lug to shell contact allowing the shell to deliver maximum tone. A special nylon insert prevents tension rods from becoming loose during play.

Floating Bass Drum System
Height adjustment on the pedal side of the bass drum is possible with the pipe post stabilizer. Use of this system ensures that the beater makes contact at the center of the head. The stabilizer fits into a pipe clamp on the underside of the drum that allows quick and easy adjustment of the height. The post is equipped with a memory clamp that ensures subsequent settings will be quick and precise every time.

Bass Drum Spurs
A sturdy hexagonal design and fixed angle position allow our spurs to withstand the punishment of even the heaviest bass drum foot. For the Oak Custom we made the spurs heavier and even stronger. Height adjustment and the releasing and retracting of the pointed spur are made easily with a drum key.

Mounted Toms and Floor Toms Equipped with YESS Mounts
Long found on our high-end drum kits our original YESS (Yamaha Enhanced Sustain System) mounting system is on all Oak Custom toms and floor toms. This rod clamp system allows attachment of the drum to the tom holder without the need of a hole in the drum shell for the rod to pass through. The YESS clamp is attached to the shell at the nodal point with two bolts so as to allow the shell to vibrate freely without degrading the shell's dynamic range and sustain. The nodal point is the location on a shell with the least amount of vibration allowing for the mount to have minimal affect to the resonance of the shell.

Ball Clamp & Triple Tom Holder
This round ball clamp has long been a fundamental part of Yamaha System Drums. Made of super-hard resin, the ball is held firmly in place with a steel plate and large wing bolt. While providing ease of operation, this system also delivers total freedom in setting and superior stability.

The triple tom holder accommodates two toms as well as a cymbal holder to provide a wide variety of set up possibilities.

Four High-Gloss Hand-Buffed Finishes:
York Honey Amber (AMO), Musashi Black (MSB), Red Oak (ROK), Silver Sparkle (SLS)

Yamaha Drums - Tour Custom Drum Set

Yamaha Drums introduces the affordable, all-maple shell Tour Custom Drum Set. The new Tour Custom is perfect for players who want a quality kit at a great price, or for educational institutions seeking a solid drum set without stretching their budgets.

The kit's 60-degree bearing edge, air-sealed diagonal seam shells help enhance the drum set's clarity. The 7-ply bass drum's enhanced low end and the 6-ply toms and snare drum focus help make this kit sound incredible.

"This drum set hits a price point that Yamaha has not been in before with a 100 percent maple shell, however, we enter this price point with a highly-competitive, quality-made kit that sounds totally different than any other Yamaha drum set," said David Jewell, marketing manager, Yamaha Drums. "Reintroducing 60-degree bearing edges gives these drums a truly unique sound."

The set comes in three shell-pack configurations. Two optional hardware packs and individual components are also available. Lacquer-finish color options include Black Onyx, Brown Sunburst, Sakura White and Ocean Blue.

The new five-piece Tour Custom kit will ship in November 2006 and carries an MSRP of $2,149 with 700 series hardware, $1,599 without hardware.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

ALTO - GHIBLI 16FX Mixing Console

ALTO Introduces Their Latest Series Innovation of Personal Mixers in the US and Canada:
The Ghibli Series.

The Ghibli Series Mixers are now shipping. The Ghibli Series of personal mixers are a unique approach to the compact mixing consoles. Taking up very little space, this 16-channel mixer includes a 3-band EQ with mid sweep, compressor, 100 Hz Low cut filter and a de-esser on all mic channels. A large number of line input channels have been factored into the Ghilbi design for use with MIDI channels and additional instruments and line signals as well as for Audio-Video presentations.

Features include:

• Balanced ultra-low noise microphone inputs with dedicated preamp for each channel and phantom power
• Insert function for all mono channels
• Tube-emulated compressor on channels 1 to 4
• De-esser function
• Mono channels with 3-bands EQ
• Mid frequency sweep
• Mute and clip function on all mono channels
• High headroom offering more dynamic range
• Surround processor with center and surround out
• Stereo bass enhancer
• 2 AUX controls per mono channel for internal/external effects and monitoring
• External power supply design for pro applications
• Rugged construction ensures long life and durability
• Suitable for live, studio and home applications

The Ghilbi Mixer Series is now available at music specialty stores in the US and Canada. MSRP on the Ghilbli Series is $189.

ALTO - GHIBLI 16FX Mixing Console

ALTO Introduces Their Latest Series Innovation of Personal Mixers in the US and Canada:
The Ghibli Series.

The Ghibli Series Mixers are now shipping. The Ghibli Series of personal mixers are a unique approach to the compact mixing consoles. Taking up very little space, this 16-channel mixer includes a 3-band EQ with mid sweep, compressor, 100 Hz Low cut filter and a de-esser on all mic channels. A large number of line input channels have been factored into the Ghilbi design for use with MIDI channels and additional instruments and line signals as well as for Audio-Video presentations.

Features include:

• Balanced ultra-low noise microphone inputs with dedicated preamp for each channel and phantom power
• Insert function for all mono channels
• Tube-emulated compressor on channels 1 to 4
• De-esser function
• Mono channels with 3-bands EQ
• Mid frequency sweep
• Mute and clip function on all mono channels
• High headroom offering more dynamic range
• Surround processor with center and surround out
• Stereo bass enhancer
• 2 AUX controls per mono channel for internal/external effects and monitoring
• External power supply design for pro applications
• Rugged construction ensures long life and durability
• Suitable for live, studio and home applications

The Ghilbi Mixer Series is now available at music specialty stores in the US and Canada. MSRP on the Ghilbli Series is $189.

ALTO - OEX400 Self Contained PA System

Have that super equipment in your collection! ALTO presents a new and innovative portable audio solution, The OEX400.

ALTO has revisited the portable pro-audio system yet again with a small and conveniently compact PA. Following in the footsteps of its older siblings the OEX600 and OEX900, the result is new Orient Express 400 (OEX400).

The OEX400 speakers attach to the front and back of the main unit in to one neat package. It's ideal for acoustic musicians, schools, churches, drill teams, aerobics instructors and many more.

OEX400 features include:

400 Watts of output power
7-channel mixer with stereo RCA inputs on their own channel with independent 2-band EQ
3 mono inputs which feature Neutrik® Combo XLR-1/4" connectors with independent 2-band EQ
7-band graphic EQ for global tone shaping to the mains
Two, 10" Coaxial speakers with a 1" high frequency driver for wide frequency response
On board DSP with 16 different effects with On/Off footswitch included
Monitor/headphone outputs which can be alternatively run to a powered subwoofer
Heavy duty and lightweight with interlocking components. Luggage style wheels for ease of transport
The complete OEX400 package weighs less than 50 lbs