Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Ibanez - 30th Anniversary 2670 Double-Neck 6-string/12-string Guitar

30th Anniversary 2670 Double-Neck

Ibanez is bringing out an extremely limited edition recreation from the '70s, the era referred to by vintage Ibanez collectors as the "Golden Age of Ibanez." The 2670RE "Artwood Twin" is a double-necked electric guitar, featuring a 6-string and a 12-string and a list price of just under $10,000.

"It's an historic instrument and its reissue will also be historic: the 2670 will be the most expensive Ibanez guitar in our history," said Paul Specht of Ibanez. "But considering the level of handcraftsmanship, and the fact that there will only be 45 worldwide, that price is really quite reasonable. Especially when you also consider that some historical and custom shop models of other companies go for $20,000—and that's just their dealer net."

Continued Specht, "The Artwood Twin double neck is what many people from the ibanezcollectors.com website—which as a matter of fact uses the 2670 as a part of their logo— told us they wanted to see next after last year's very successful Bob Weir limited edition model."

Like the 2005 Bob Weir Model Handcrafted Reissue, the 2006 Artwood Twin is made in a small Japanese shop staffed by luthiers that made the original Ibanez models. Unlike the Bob Weir model, which had to be recreated without the original blueprints since those had been lost, the 2670 was recreated using all of the original blueprints and specifications. Only one specification has been changed: the original Super 70 pickups have been replaced with Super 58 pickups which feature a sandblasted old-style Ibanez "spaghetti" logo.

Each model of the Ibanez Artwood Twin will be numbered 1 of 45, 2 of 45, etc.

Background information:
There were two slightly different versions of the Ibanez Professional Series 2670 Artwood Twin: one from 1975 thru 1977 and one from about 1978 thru 1980.

The first featured the old Ibanez "spaghetti" logo on the headstock, another spaghetti logo on the pickup covers, and metal tuning machine key grips.

The second version featured the contemporary Ibanez "block" logo on the headstock, the Ibanez Flying Finger design (a hand with butterfly wings with extended forefinger) on the pickup covers and ornate pearloid keys.

The 2006 reissue is based on the first version.

Model: 2470RE
List: $9333.32
Available Finish: NT Natural
Body Material: Ash with 2pc Carved Solid Ash Top
Neck Material (6 & 12): 3pc Maple
Neck Scale/Type (6 & 12): 24-3/4"
No. Frets/Type (6 & 12): 22/Medium
Fingerboards: Ebony
Inlay: Pearl Vintage Vine
Bridges/Tailpieces: Gotoh GE1038-T/W1500
H/W Color: Gold
Neck Pickup: Super 58 w/Ibanez Logo
Bridge Pickup: Super 58 w/Ibanez Logo
Case: Aluminum Flight
Case Included


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