Friday, August 18, 2006

Randall - Lynch Box Guitar Amplifier

Introducing the new George Lynch Signature Series “Lynch Box” head and cabinet. Reunited as partners after nearly two decades, we’re proud to launch the new Lynch Box 100 watt modular tube head. Designed and based around the current RM100 electronics, the new Lynch Box is a culmination of Lynch’s legendary signature guitar tones from the past to the present. Choose between four new signature tube preamps, each capturing a span of his illustrious career, and simply load them into any of the three Lynch Box channels. All new Signature modules are 100% compatible with each MTS series amp.

To reproduce the Lynch Box tone, George developed the exact cabinet specifications he was looking for resulting in a huge sounding cabinet with thick smooth mid-range and defined highs. This new slightly oversized rear port cabinet is constructed by hand using a combination of void-free birch plywood and a high density fiberboard for a tight projecting tone. If you’re a fan of the Lynch tone this is the amp and cab you’ve been waiting for.


Lynch Box-RM100LB
3 Modular Channels
100 Watts all tube
JJ E34L power tubes
Custom Dark Forest Alligator vinyl
Gold piping
Master Volume
Master Presence
Master Density
Series loop
Parallel loop w/front panel mix control
MIDI in/thru
Rear panel tube bias section
World Voltage selector
MIDI footswitch included

Lynch Modules

A clean module with Vox like tone characteristics. Nice chime on the high's with warm low bottom end. Sounds very acoustic like due to reduced mid-range.

A mouth watering classic hi-gain tone that represents George's signature rhythm sound. This preamp has the classic British voicing with signature American tone modifications. It's a Lynch's variation of the vintage Plexi tone.

What we've all been waiting for! It's the patented Lynch heavy rhythm and lead tone of Dokken and Lynch Mob era. It has similar voicing to that of the Brahma with addition gain and punch. The standard 80's high gain tone with tight low end and impressive gain.

A modern Lynch lead and rhythm tone. A true Rectifier feel with thicker lower mid-range than the "Mr. Scary" preamp, A modern lead tone from the Lynch Mob to current era


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