Friday, August 18, 2006

Taylor - T5 Series Electric Guitars

Thirty years ago, we couldn't have imagined building an electric guitar. Now, after a relentless pursuit of innovation, the Taylor T5 electric guitar feels like a natural next step.

A lot can happen in the course of three decades. We listened closely as playing styles evolved and the line between acoustic and electric began to blur. We evolved, too. We honed our craft, inventing new pickups and pushing technology into totally new territory. The time for a guitar with real electric and acoustic tones has arrived.

Beginning with a fully-hollow thinline body that makes your acoustic tone authentic, we designed the Taylor T5 to perform equally well through both electric and acoustic amps.

The next generation of electric guitar is here. Take your tone from crunchy electric to strumming acoustic and everything in between, using the T5's proprietary humbucking pickups and body sensor. It's pure analog tone for today’s guitar player, with no catches and no compromises.


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