Friday, August 18, 2006

TC-Helicon - VoiceSolo Monitor & VoiceLive Vocal Processor

VoiceSolo Monitor

How well you sing correlates to how well you can hear your voice. Good monitor sound can inspire you to sing better which helps you connect better with your audience. The VoiceSolo range of personal near-field monitors from TC-Helicon give your monitor mix an open-air, studio quality sound in a single mic-stand mounted enclosure that you can control.

A Voice Monitoring Solution
The range of VoiceSolo personal vocal monitors all employ a custom designed ICTâ„¢ true point source driver to reproduce the human voice in the most intelligible and natural way. The rugged cast aluminum enclosure offers multiple mounting options using intelligently designed adapters that make setup with standard microphone stands a simple and quick task.

A Model for any application

VSM-300 | Active Voice Monitor & Control
The ideal choice for the gigging musician who wants complete control over their monitor mix and sound. Comes with floor based I/O box.

VSM-200 | Active Voice Monitor
For anyone who wants to replace their current monitors and/or has someone running monitor mixes.

VSM-200P | Passive Voice Monitor
In situations where multiple monitors are needed and external amplifier channels are available.


As a performing musician you strive to assemble the right mix of gear to make your performances shine - but what about your voice? In the studio you polish your vocals to perfection using EQ, compression, pitch correction, harmonies and effects. VoiceLive brings your signature vocal sound on the road, putting your studio voice tools at your feet.

Get a complete vocal sound from a signal path that typically takes up five rack spaces.

Clipping is not a concern - the integrated VOSTM Limiter will protect your sound from distorting.
Solo artists can mix their vocal and instrument sound, as well as add effects using the dedicated instrument input.
Easy to use and flexible operation - step through various features such as presets, key, scale and an advanced song mode.
I/O designed for live setup, including a mic-thru output for easy integration with front of house consoles.
Studio-quality mic preamp with 48V phantom power. Mechanical construction that can stand up to the rigors of the road.


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