Tuesday, August 22, 2006

First Act - Sheena, Delia, and Lola Electric Guitars

Sheena, Delia, and Lola Electric Guitars

Hailed as "the cream of the crop" by Guitar World, First Act's handmade Limited Edition guitars have been an unqualified success, with Guitar Player raving about their "stylistic innovation, unique appearance, practical utility, and surprising affordability." With the introduction of the SFA series, the line grows to nine distinct models (three for each body style) at a full range of price points -- the first ever comprehensive beginner-to-professional line for the company.

Each American made Limited Edition guitar (Lola, Delia, and Sheila) will be joined by two additional production models, closely resembling their elder counterparts. The Limited Edition Lola (MSRP $1,500) wll be joined by the CE120 ($385.00) and CE140 ($719.00), the Delia ($2,200) by the CE220 ($530.00) and CE240 ($860.00), and Sheena ($1,800) by the CE530 ($385.00) and CE540 ($730.00).


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