Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Ibanez - Giger Guitar

Giger Guitar

Ibanez Debuts Second-Generation Giger Signature Instruments

July 19, 2006

Three new Ibanez instruments debuted at the Austin NAMM musical instrument convention bearing graphics by the visionary artist, H. R. Giger. The eerie trio includes an Ibanez RG electric guitar, a Soundgear Xtreme bass, and the long-awaited SHRG1Z, an Ibanez S with a metal-coated body engraved with Giger's "Biomechanical Matrix."

The RGTHRG2 RG electric guitar is the second Giger signature RG. It features a neck-thru body design, mahogany body, Ibanez Infinity pickups and the Edge Pro II double locking tremolo. The list price is $933.32.

The SRXHRG1Z Soungear Xtreme, which is the first Giger signature bass, is equipped with very high output Ibanez PFR passive pickups and the Accu-Cast B200 bridge, on a basswood body.

The SHRG1Z S model features a metal-coated Ibanez S body engraved with Giger's Biomechanical Matrix, USA-made DiMarzio/IBZ pickups, a 5pc Wizard II Maple/Bubinga neck, and the Ibanez Zero Resistance double-locking tremolo. An Ibanez-exclusive case is included. The list price was not available at show time.

World-renowned visionary artist H.R. Giger created the creature for the Alien movies, and is especially renowned in the musical instrument world for his album cover designs, one of the most famous being the now-classic design for Emerson, Lake and Palmer's Brain Salad Surgery.

List: TBA
Available Finish: Engraved "Biomechanical Matrix" Graphic
Body Material: Metal-coated Mahogany
Neck Material: Mahogany & Bubinga
Neck Scale/Type 25-1/2" / Wizard II
No. Frets/Type: 22/Jumbo
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Inlay: Special Giger
Bridge: ZR Zero Resistance
H/W Color: Special Antique
Neck Pickup: DiMarzio/IBZ
Bridge Pickup: DiMarzio/IBZ
Controls: 1V/1T & 5-way Switch
Case: Included Giger Signature Exclusive

Model: RGTHRG2
List: $933.32
Available Finish: Giger Graphic
Body Material: Mahogany
Neck Material: 5pc Maple/Walnut
Neck Scale/Type: 25-1/2" / Wizard II
No. Frets/Type: 24/Jumbo
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Inlay: Sharktooth
Bridge: Edge Pro II
H/W Color: Powder Cosmo
Neck Pickup: Infinity INF1
Bridge Pickup: Infinity INF2
Controls: 1 v/1t & 5-way Switch
Case: RGHRG100C
Case List: $149.99

Model: SRXHG1
List: $1,066.65
Available Finish: Giger Graphic
Body Material: Basswood
Neck Material: 3pc Maple
Neck Type: SRX4 Neck Thru
No. Frets/Type: 24/Medium
Fingerboard: Rosewood with parallelogram inlay
Bridge: Accu-Cast B200
H/W Color: Powder Cosmo
Neck Pickup: PFR-4N
Bridge Pickup: PFR-4B
Case: SRHRG100C
List: $169.99


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