Friday, August 18, 2006

Peterson - Strobo Flip

The StroboFlip™ is the latest in the Peterson line of Virtual Strobe Tuners. Its unique design coupled with unexcelled accuracy and Sweetened" Tunings makes the StroboFlip an indispensable tool for any musician
Violin, Viola, Cello tunings
First ever presets for these instruments! Tune to the correct perfect fifth intervals with 1/10 cent accuracy. The StroboFlip is the first tuner capable of properly tuning violin, viola and cello!

Sweetened™ Guitar Tunings
Tuning and intonation settings for the Buzz Feiten Tuning System®, Peterson GTR, Peterson and Buzz 12 string settings, bass settings and perfect & half-tempered thirds for Dobro®/Resonator guitars.

Steel Guitar
No more tuning charts, no more guessing! Two E9th tuning presets, one with sharp E's and one with "straight up" E's plus a C6th tuning for steel guitar players. Enough programmability to add other pre-tempered tunings - E7, A6, B6, custom raises & lowers etc. StroboFlip's got it all!!

Other advancements of the StroboFlip are programmable auto-off, backlit control panel (when in AC mode), 8 user programmable Sweeteners/temperaments and a wider A390 to A490Hz range. Peterson Tuners are accurate to 0.1 cent, that's at least 30 times the accuracy of any digital tuner out there. Get your instrument in tune faster and more precisely than ever before with a Peterson StroboFlip!


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