Friday, August 18, 2006

Toft Audio - Trident Series ATB 16 Channel Mixer

Malcolm Toft shows off his latest creation, the Toft Audio Trident Series ATB 16 Channel Mixer. Channels feature Burr Brown preamps, four bands of original Trident Series 80B EQ (high and low shelving plus two sweepable mids), six aux sends (one prefade and five switchable pre/post), a comprehensive monitor section (which can feed the main L/R bus for an effective total of 32 channel inputs), stereo/mono solo (pre/post fader switchable), and routing buttons for the main stereo bus and the eight sub-group busses.

Master section includes talkback, monitor switching, headphone jack and level knob, solo bus level knob, master levels for the six aux sends, and faders for the eight group busses and main stereo bus. Eight monitor returns plus and an additional eight pairs of stereo effect returns boost the board's total inputs to 56. And an optional digital card adds eight channels of ADAT lightpipe i/o, 10 of firewire i/o, plus S/PDIF for the main L/R bus.


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